Presenter: RJ DJ Ved
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 6 AM to 9 AM

'Wake up with Ved' as the name suggests is the best wake-up call, one could ask for when living in Qatar. This light-spirited fun show with the right doses of laughter, wit, humor, and information gives you a jump start to a great new day full of energy and positivity. The show is the pulse of Qatar and covers almost every happening event all over the country comprehensively giving you a day's start to the latest news, headlines, and activities. So if you want your mornings refreshed, pepped up, and keep that smile on your face all through the day, do tune in to FM 107 & 'wake up with Ved' Sunday to Thursday from 6 am to 10 am with our very own RJ/DJ Ved.


Presenter: RJ Kabir
Days: Thursday
Time: 5 PM to 7:30 PM

Drive thru with Doha Wala Kabir is that show where after a hectic day at work, with a hundred deadlines for submissions, and a ton of presentations and pitches to make, you get into your car thinking you might just call it quits, and then you hear the refreshing voice of Kabir, giving you his gyaan, his one-liners, the spunk in his voice, the wit, giving you a break from all that you just went through that not only puts a smile on your face but re-instills your faith in yourself and takes you from almost having a nervous break down to saying ' yaar itnaa bhi bura nahi hua hei.. I can live this. Keeping your spirits high and your evenings entertaining till you get home is our one and only rapper, singer, funk man Kabir with his show 'Drive Thru' aired between 4 pm to 7:30 pm Sunday to Wednesday.


Presenter: RJ Saif Ur Rehman
Days: Friday
Time: 9 PM-10 PM

This is the most iconic & longest-running show on Qatar's national station FM 107. Noor -e -Islam is your one-stop for all your Islamic queries where our senior presenter and founder, Saifur Rahman is accompanied by a knowledgeable Islamic speaker who tackles the question from the general public regarding misconceptions they have about the religion, Islam. The show attempts to clear the doubts that people have plus give an insight to the religion to those belonging to the religion plus for others too who are new to it. An educational and informative show aired every Friday from 1 pm and repeat broadcasts on Wednesday at 11 pm, and Sunday at 8 pm.


Presenter: RJ Obaid Tahir
Days: Monday
Time: 8 PM

'Police aur Awaam', another show that dates almost a decade, gives information on the general rules and regulations in Qatar. A convenient way to learn about the new laws put in place, and to get a clarification on them through our extremely popular and widely acclaimed presenter, RJ Obaid Tahir. He is accompanied on the show by an expert from the Ministry who discusses the laws, rules, regulations and various codes of conduct and our presenter explains them in Urdu for the ease of the general public. To listen to this show, tune in every Monday at 8 pm, and for repeat broadcast tune in on Saturday at 8 am.


Presenter: RJ Hisham
Days: Monday & Thursday
Time: 7:45 PM

With changing times and progress of humans in the field of science, we have had the good fortune to excel as a human race. Technology has peaked in today's time to the extent that unbelievable findings and innovations have made our day-to-day life super easy. With artificial intelligence, machines, computers, and gadgets our life has taken a complete spin, for the good or the bad are yet to be known. To learn more about the latest innovation, gadgets, and devices, tune into 'Sound Tech' with RJ Hisham on Monday and Thursday at 7:45 pm.


Presenter: Dr Fouzia Shafiq
Days: Wednesday
Time: 8 PM

One needs to keep a check on his or her health from time to time. In today's fast-paced world we always fall short of the time to see what our body is undergoing and several times fail to recognize the signs our body emits due to ill health. 'Health Guide' our show is a great way to keep a check on our health and understand well in advance how to take well-planned precautionary measures to avoid fatality.
Joined by an expert from the Medical fraternity Dr. Fauziya takes you through issues related to health and various illnesses whilst guiding you through symptoms that could be well detected in advance and avoided in time, saving us from a lot of serious complications. Stay tuned on Wednesday at 8 pm to get hold of Dr. Fauziya as she takes us through on-air for our health check. Repeat broadcast on Saturday at 10 AM.


Presenter: RJ DJ Ved
Days: Thursday
Time: 8 PM to 12 AM

Weekends could not be better but for that one show that gives you a total club feel. From the latest rocking chartbusters to remixed desi thumkass and electrifying beats to all the latest part music we play it all on 'Play it loud'. So when the weekend strikes, get into your grooves, pop up the volume and keep swaying to our desi and western beats all with Rj/DJ Ved, Thursdays, and Fridays 8 pm till midnight.


Presenter: RJ Naiza
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 10 AM - 11 AM

RJ Naiza new show 'Dear Zindagi' is here to help you live an amazing life!

Join us every Sunday to Thursday, 10 AM to 1 PM on FM 107, and we'll bring you the best of everything: fashion updates, fitness routines and lifestyle hacks, interesting book reviews, and motivational quotes. We'll also bring you news about events in Qatar, so you can plan your weekend around them!

We know how hard it is to stay on track with your goals when everything is so fast-paced nowadays. But we have a secret weapon: stories from our hosts and guests who have been there before and kept going even when it seemed impossible. Join us as we share their stories with you!


Presenter: RJ AMITA
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 4 PM - 5 PM

If you are filmy at heart then this show is for you....Catch this Bollywood Buff ...A for Amita live from Sunday to Thursday on Seriously Filmy only on FM 107 Dil Se Desi.

RJ Amita is our new radio presenter with an immense radio experience from India. She's a mix of movies music and masti. An award-winning RJ who loves to talk about films as she believes films are the most beautiful way to relive moments.


Presenter: RJ Safa
Days: Saturday
Time: 4 PM - 5 PM

Do not forget to tune into Dil Toh Bachacha Hai Ji with RJ Safa & our Junior RJ! There are a lot of stories for your kids, fun conversations, and interesting facts around the globe!

Guide To 2022

Presenter: RJ Hisham
Days: Sunday to Wednesday
Time: 9:30 AM - 10 AM

(GUIDE TO 2022) Any journey to a major destination is exponentially better when you have the right tools, and better still, if you have the right company. This show offers you BOTH, in a short and sweet format. This show gives you stories of teams, the lives of individual players, and the ever-improving preparations of all the stadiums, events, and attractions that will build up to the World Cup Qatar 2022. To catch all of that and more, tune in to Urdu Radio FM 107, from Sunday through to Wednesday at 9:30 am.

Break Ke Baad

Presenter: RJ Safa & RJ Fazeel
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 01:00 PM - 3 PM

Break Ke Baad is a show that bridges afternoons to evenings with entertainment. This duo hits the right cord when it comes to engaging listeners from every walk of life. There are various segments which are ready to reach out to every stereo set in qatar with smile.

Weekend Gup Shup

Presenter: RJ Sarwar and RJ Samia
Days: Friday & Saturday
Time: 05 PM - 7:30 PM

Weekend Gup Shup is a chat show cum listener integrated show that features entertainment on the lighter side of the weekend. This show is a weekend special, where Sarwar and Samia will have segments that are out and out entertaining and engaging.


Presenter: RJ Mahwash
Days: Saturday
Time: 8 PM - 9 PM

Starstruck is a celebrity based interview show, where Mahwash talks with celebrities based on their life experience, hobbies and others.

Qatar Kal Aj Aur Kal

Presenter: RJ Nazia
Days: Saturday
Time: 12 PM - 12:30 PM

Qatar Kal Aj Aur Kal is a show that revolves around everything that is happening in Qatar, including development, infrastructure, and World Cup.

RJ Nazia takes interviews with ambassadors of various countries and with individuals who had significant roles in developing world cup infrastructure. The show also talks about Qatar's history and everything that it has to offer today - from beautiful beaches, and amazing food to incredible architecture and top-notch sports facilities.

Qatar Kal Aj Aur Kal airs every Saturday at noon only on FM 107.

Khayal Apna Apna

Presenter: RJ Ayesha Mujahid
Days: Sunday
Time: 8 PM - 9 PM

(Khayal Apna Apna) is a thought-provoking show on air since 2008.

The basic concept of the show is that each individual�s perspective about life, society, and different social issues is valuable.

Every week new topic is shared with the listeners, and then a variety of people share a wide range of thoughts on it.

The aim is to let people appreciate different points of view about the topic and to bring optimistic change in the mindset of society.

Call us on the show every week (Sunday 8-9 pm) and be a part of positive change in society.

Sham E Ghazal

Presenter: RJ Farzana Safdar
Days: Tuesday
Time: 8 PM - 9 PM

The evening of ghazals is a treat to the senses. A selection of beautiful ghazals with beautiful poetries.

In this show, one will witness how man's emotions and various attributes are reflected. This particular show is arranged to appeal the Urdu poetry enthusiasts.